Network Audio Player


A Network Audio Player for playing digital audio files streamed over Ethernet from a remote computer.

Digital Audio is simply data, and can be handled as such up to the moment it is converted into the analog domain with a DAC.

The DAC output will connect directly to the VMOS Line Driver's input transformer. Volume control with be accomplished digitally thus providing a minimal path system.

The Network Audio Player is based on the Cirrus EP9315A ARM9 32 bit processor running embedded Linux.

EDB9315A Development Board with Opie Player

Initial work makes use of the cost effective EDB9315A development board and once I have some specific player software written I will layout a dedicated 6 layer PCB.

Although envisioned as a network device, the EP9315A supports an IDE interface for a local ATA hard drive and CD-ROM may be added for development.



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