Line Array Loudspeaker


This loudspeaker is designed for an array of E.J. Jordan JXr6-HD drivers (with the option of a pair of JX92s drivers (not shown) side mounted to extend the bass).

The front can accommodate from four to twelve JXr6HS drivers according to taste and depth of purse.

The shape is designed to:

  • Minimise perceptual size when placed in domestic environment by the use of tapered sides and a small top area.
  • Provide good path lengths to minimise acoustic cancellation of circumferentially propagated sound.
  • Minimise edge diffraction distortion whilst still be able to be made from regular sheet materials (e.g. 25mm marine ply).
  • Straight edges allow enclosure to be made from a solid block of stone with straight cuts (plus a bit of rounding on the edges)
  • Base of speaker slopes upwards slightly to allow tilt adjustment.
  • Rear bottom "slice" plane for binding posts.

Enclosure Dimensions:

Height: 1183.5 mm
Width at base:

348.0 mm

Width at top:

236.5 mm


556.5 mm

Depth at top:

364.5 mm

Front Driver Plane Dimensions:

Height: 1122.5 mm

107.0 mm

(Preliminary design concept information - subject to change - further details to be added.)

CAD Rendered concept images (metallic lacquer).

See Page Lacquer Company's website for more information on lacquer finishes.


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