Zeus Power Amplifier

Input Transformer.

Close up showing sectioned bobbin/windings.


Turns ratio:
    Parallel = 1:20
    Series = 1:10

Inductance of primary winding:
    Parallel = 31 mH @ 1 kHz, 141 mH @ 120 Hz.
    Series = 100 mH @ 1 kHz, 544 mH @ 120 Hz.

Inductance of secondary winding:
    Each = 2 H @ 1 kHz, n/a @ 120 Hz.

Inter-winding capacitance between input and output windings = 208.3 pF

Input impedance in circuit when powered:
    Parallel = 165 .
    Series = 667 .

Termination Resistor (see schematic) = 120 K (Adjust to obtain flat frequency response and match source drive impedance.)

E. J. Sowter # 8160


A M6/Mumetal 50/50% core version is an option.

Note however that Mumetal saturates at a lower level than M6 (40%?) so a 100% Mumetal core is not always advised.

The use with Mumetal laminations does make a measurable improvement, reducing mid-band distortion however the lowest end for LF distortion is not quite as good.

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